Sigma Spectrum
Infusion System

Infusion Analytics Application

Easy-to-interpret, actionable data at your fingertips.

Sigma Spectrum Gateway

Sigma Spectrum Infusion Analytics offers the insight you need to help promote patient safety at your facility.

Easy To Interpret

Advanced user interface provides graphical, easy-to-interpret reports offering meaningful clinical insights.

Actionable Data

Actionable data identifies near misses by care area, drug, and time frame, which allows for focus on high volume infusion areas and high risk drugs.

Drive Rapid Decisions

Central point for infusion data analytics and drug library publishing designed to drive rapid decisions and quality improvement initiatives.

CQI AnalyticsPLUS Consultation

Enhance clinical efficiency.

Our CQI AnalyticsPlus service assists you in turning data-driven insights into actions targeted to help enhance the safe programming of IV pump infusions.

Infusion Pump Events

Convenient, standardized quarterly reports sent to your organization designed to allow you more time to analyze and less time filtering and compiling data.

Soft Limits Pull-Back and Hard-Limit Attempted Events

Baxter clinical consultant support, to provide deeper insight into smart pump data so that a facility can optimize its drug library and drive clinical decisions that support safe and effective IV drug therapy

Dose Error Reduction System

Sustainable and timely infusion data review process designed to help meet your facility's IV infusion safety and operational efficiency goals.

Key Performance

Safety in a snapshot.

Using your CQI infusion data, our team creates a safety snapshot providing a summarized overview of your organization’s infusion pump programming safety practices. The report walks through all safety parameters and events that have been captured, and provides recommendations on modifications to your drug library that can improve your patient safety measures, eliminate unnecessary alarms, and help minimize preventable adverse drug events.

Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump is Rx Only

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