Nurses should not spend valuable time tracking down infusion pumps. Available exclusively with the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System, only DeviceVue displays both pump status and location data, all without the need for an external tag or an interface to a third-party real-time location system.

DeviceVue is an end-to-end asset tracking application that can strengthen your ability to:

  • Improve patient safety by quickly and easily
    locating pumps when needed
  • Reduce costs by driving higher pump utilization
  • Drive patient and clinician satisfaction by enabling
    nurses to potentially spend more time at the bedside

Nures1/3 of nurses spend up to
 an hour per shift looking for equipment1

DeviceVue Cross Platform

With DeviceVue, Clinicians can quickly and easily locate an available pump from their PC, tablet, or smartphone, and get back to caring for the patient.

BioMedOne study found BioMeds
 spend up to 4 hours per day searching for portable equipment2

DeviceVue Search

DeviceVue displays where every pump is and if it is being used – all without the effort and cost of maintaining external tags or an interface to a third-party real-time location system.

Pump UsageOn average, hospitals are
 using only 40% of their infusion pumps3

Pump Utilization

DeviceVue reporting displays pump utilization by department, helping hospital leaders ensure pumps are available and used, where and when they should be.


Never search for a pump only to find it is already in use - view status of your pump, anytime, anywhere in your hospital


Find pumps from anywhere in your hospital with the DeviceVue App for smartphone and tablet


Manage par levels and avoid unnecessary rentals by knowing where pumps are and if they are available


Accelerate your preventative pump maintenance by quickly finding a specific pump or all available pumps


Go beyond pumps – track any portable equipment with a compatible tag or wireless radio

1Nursing Times, Nurses waste ‘an hour a shift’ finding equipment. Nursing Times. 2009

2Study: RTLS technology can save hospitals time and money, boost care. Healthcare IT News. Published October 21, 2010. Accessed June 9, 2017.

3GE Healthcare, Long D, and Mullins C. Wasting Away - The quality, safety and financial case for clinical asset optimization (Asset Optimization Whitepaper). General Electric Company. 2010.

USMP/361/17-0041 9/17

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