Sigma Spectrum
Infusion System

Industry Leading
Drug Library Compliance.1

Sigma Spectrum Infusion System

Preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.2 As a result, consistent use of safety features that help minimize patient risk has become increasingly important. Sigma Spectrum Infusion System helps you make immediate use of a smart pump’s defining safety feature: the drug library.

Let's talk averages.

High drug library compliance helps protect more patients from infusion programming errors by identifying potentially harmful infusion medication programming errors prior to administration.

Average Drug Library Compliance

The average drug library compliance across all pump vendors in the U.S. is 81%3


Sigma Spectrum Infusion System customers have achieved an average drug library compliance of 97% within 1-month of implementation4

Sigma Spectrum Infusion System

Designed to drive high drug library compliance from the start.

Defaults to Drug Library at Power-OnThe pump automatically defaults to the drug library at power-on.

Drug Library Updated WirelesslyThe pump's drug library is updated wirelessly, with no power cycling or staff interaction needed.*

*Battery capacity must be greater than 25% when pump is off and not connected to AC power.

The Sigma Spectrum Infusion System is not intended to replace clinician patient observation.

“With the use of Sigma Spectrum, our facility has been able to realize an average 99.3% drug library compliance within just a few months after implementation.”

— Dennis Killian, PharmD, PhD,
Director of Pharmacy,
Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Titration Error Prevention

Change is inevitable.

20 high-alert drugs

Just 20 high-alert drugs are associated with an estimated 80% of all deaths from medication errors.5

Up to 90%

Up to 90% of pump interactions on infusions with high-alert drugs were dose or rate changes.6

Titration Errors

Titration errors during high-risk infusions can pose a significant threat to patient safety.7

Protecting high risk infusions.
Within the safety limits.

Protecting high risk infusions. Within the safety limits. Protecting high risk infusions. Within the safety limits. Sigma Spectrum Infusion System

The Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump is the only pump on the market with Dose/Rate Change (Titration) Error Prevention, which is designed to intercept dose changes that could be inaccurate and potentially harmful. This unique feature provides an additional layer of safety parameters to help clinicians protect high-risk infusions.

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