Sigma Spectrum
Infusion System


Prioritize patient care.

An integral role.

Nurses are critical to patient care. A time-and-motion study showed that nearly 40% of nurses’ time is spent at the nurse station versus only about 30% in the patient room.1 Sigma Spectrum Infusion System with auto-documentation helps you spend time where it matters most.

An Integrated Solution

An integrated solution.

Sigma Spectrum Infusion System can integrate with a hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) to allow infusion data to be charted into the patient’s medical record electronically. This can help allow nurses to spend more time on patient care and less time documenting.

“Prior to Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump integration it would take me about 15 minutes of every hour to clear my IV pumps, document volumes infused and rate changes. Since going live with device integration that has been reduced to less than 30 seconds.”

— Nathon Kelley, MSN, RN,
Clinical Nurse Educator,
Holland Hospital

Wireless Drug Library Updates

Speed matters.

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Library Activation Summary

Drug library updates are less likely to be performed if they are difficult and time-consuming, causing the drug library to become irrelevant and ineffective. The Sigma Spectrum Infusion System offers efficient, wireless drug library updates with no power cycling or staff interaction needed, regardless of power mode or infusion status**, making library updates seamless and rapid.

** Battery capacity must be greater than 25% when pump is off and not connected to AC power.

Asset Tracking

Actionable pump tracking without the tag.

The average nurse spends up to two full work weeks each year looking for equipment.2 At the same time, the average hospital uses only 40% of its infusion pumps.3

Every minute nurses spend searching for an infusion pump is minute not spent at the bedside.

DeviceVue is an end-to-end asset tracking application that displays pump location and status data to help clinical and biomedical quickly and reliably locate available Sigma Spectrum pumps, all without an external tag or an interface to a third-party real-time location system.

Click HERE for more information on DeviceVue.

Assets Tracking

DoseEdge Pharmacy
Workflow Manager

Two leading systems. One safety goal.

Safely preparing, administering and documenting IV medication can be a complex process. The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager and the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System each can leverage advanced technology to help ensure every IV infusion dose is prepared and administered correctly.

The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager provides visibility to the IV dose preparation and dispensing process, while the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System helps reduce errors when programming an IV infusion. Together, they provide an advanced technology for IV infusion preparation and documentation efficiency, identification of errors, and IV infusion workflow across your facility.

DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager

Orders are sent from the pharmacy information system to the DoseEdge system.

Automatic calculations and barcode-enabled ingredient verification help ensure accurate dose preparation.

Remote verification of doses through web-enabled application helps identify errors.

The customized drug library with dosing limits and dose/rate change alert feature helps guide safe infusion programming.

Infusion data from the Sigma Spectrum pump is electronically populated into the patient’s electronic medical record after clinician verification to help ensure accurate documentation and improve clinical workflow.

The DoseEdge System is not intended to replace the knowledge, judgment or expertise of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the preparation of IV admixtures or oral liquid doses.

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